Meditativebirth -
Meditativebirth is focused on providing support and guidance to build a collaborative and holistic framework for clients experiencing life transitions.  Whether it is finding a way to rewrite a birth vision, or in the rebirth into life in the recovery from trauma, Meditative birth works to meet each client's physical, emotional, and spiritual situation. 
Helping each woman enter into a birth or transition consciousness is the goal of Meditativebirth. The way in which the integration of body, mind/emotion and spirit happens for each woman and situation is unique to the varied circumstances and environment in which the experience occurs. Moving through this process is often life changing and fear producing. Jo Ann's hope is that through working together, clients learn to ground themselves and find that place within from which to birth or rebirth. 
Often, birth and transition (rebirth) provides a beautiful opportunity for healing and transformation. Women who have experienced trauma or loss  including such events as miscarriage, C-Section, traumatic birth or health experience, post-abortion, or other life trauma or loss, may be looking for additional guidance and support. It may be that you are looking to release and heal a past experience in preparation for birth, or to realign and reengage your life following trauma or loss and are interested in finding guidance and support in this process. Through Transition Mentoring and Reiki Therapy, Meditativebirth can tailor a program to your individual needs.
Jo Ann Warren, MS-ST&V, CD(DONA), Transition Mentor, Reiki Master/Therapist, Birth Doula, Teacher
phone: 612.240.6279
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